Festival Weekend at Good Vibes 2017

Festival Weekend at Good Vibes 2017

Last weekend was my first Good Vibes Festival experience! I was so excited to put together my outfit as we don’t get many festivals around here. With festival trends becoming a norm, it was easy to shop for an outfit to wear over the weekend. Good Vibes Festival was a 2-day event, so I went with 2 very different looks as seen in this post.

Let’s start with the makeup:

Eyes – I experimented with the Naked Heat palette on my eyelids. I was aiming for a bright red eyeshadow look.

Lips – I tried the ombre lipstick from NYX, but ended up blending the 2 colours which turned out quite well in my opinion. I love this shade of nude!

GLITTER** – I did not add glitter until I got to the hotel, to avoid making a mess in my car!

I’ve only started experimenting with makeup recently! And because I wanted to do a full makeup look for the weekend, I went out to Sephora and purchased the most makeup I’ve ever purchased in my life! What do you think of this look??

Festival Make up

Look 1 – Denim on Denim

If you’re wondering how I got that intense highlight below, it’s the glitter! So my first look for the festival weekend is Denim on Denim – classic. What makes this classic different? It’s all in the details. I wore a solid white crop top (actually a swimsuit) with metal rings covering the entire front. This adds space between the denim jacket and the denim shorts. Also, the fact that both pieces of denim have frayed edges gives this look an edgier vibe. Coupled with a few statement accessories – think star shapes, chunky metal, metallic pieces! Here I wore a pair of earrings with ear cuffs with little stars all over it.

Look 2 – Boho Tribe

You can’t go wrong with bohemian vibes at a festival. The Boho look will always be trending at any festival around the world. This 2nd look is more feminine compared to the look for Day 1. This dress is a statement piece on its own. Throw on a statement choker to add that extra flare to this dress. I try to keep the rest of my accessories as minimal as possible to allow focus on the dress and the choker.

The Aftermath

How did the weekend go? It was fantastic! I got to see Dua Lipa and Kodaline in one weekend!! I’m a happy gal 😀 What wasn’t too great though was my ankle boots. The festival was held at the Horse Ranch in Genting. There was rain, muddy grounds, and a very bad stench! All in all, it was still an eventful and memorable weekend.

Great music & great company. What more can I ask for?

Festival Outfit


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