How to Style: Corporate Chic for lazy mornings

How to Style: Corporate Chic for lazy mornings

Hey lovelies! Today, I thought of sharing with you guys my go-to corporate style. I hardly wear corporate outfits these days, but it is always good to know how to style yourself for such situation.

Classics are your best friend. I love timeless pieces and it goes well with literally anything. Let’s be honest, you can’t be bothered thinking about what to wear at 6 in the morning. The same goes for me, and when I’m feeling less inspired on such mornings, I always pick out my classic corporate pieces. These are pieces of clothing I know will look corporate chic and put together no matter how I feel in the morning.

Here’s a tip: Look for high-waisted straight legged pants for a more tailored look.

You don’t need to shop for designer items to look corporate chic. The trick is to find pieces that fit to get that tailored look. My go-to is a basic neutral top with a straight or wide-legged pants (preferably in navy).  I tend to go for pants over skirts. Just because it is more comfortable. I like going for skirts/dresses on days I feel a little more dressy. So pants are definitely my go-to on a lazy morning.

It’s all about the illusion. The high-waisted feature elongates the body and so it is very flattering for any body types. Do remember the key is to find a cut and size that fits well on your body. Throw on a fitted blazer to finish off the look. See my previous post about the casual blazer (here). The blazer I am wearing in this post is a little different. It is well fitted on the shoulders and it cuts in a little at the waist.


Top: Zara (old) // Pants: Stylenanda // Blazer: Sacoor Brothers // Accessories: Wanderlust+Co // Sunglasses: Saint Laurent // Bag: Chanel

Shop pieces from ASOS:

What is your go-to corporate chic?? Let me know in the comments below!


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