How to Style: Maxi Dress

How to Style: Maxi Dress

Dubbed the new summer uniform by fashion magazines, the maxi dress falls into the “wear everywhere” category. It is a dress so versatile that it can be worn on various occasions throughout the day.

Perfect for the tropical weather, the maxi dress is always a favourite comeback for the summer months. I myself live in a tropical country and so we have summer all year round – maxi dress, yes please!

I’m sure most of you will agree that the maxi dress has been around for years. It is not a new trend nor has it been limited only for the summer. What’s interesting though is how the maxi dress evolved. As we move forward year by year, we see many young trendsetters setting the pace for new acceptable ways of wearing the ever so comfortable bohemian looking dress. I for one am a major fan of the maxi dress! Thankfully, this is a trend that will never run out of style.

Here, I’ve styled my Sandro maxi dress for 3 different occasions. Do let me know which is your favourite! (plus a little surprise at the end of this post ūüėÄ )

Look 1 – Classic Chic

Of course, we gotta start off with the¬†classic chic. I absolutely love the fit of this maxi dress. The colour and the prints made this a standout! Wearing this dress on its own¬†is enough of a statement. Throw on a classic handbag and you’re good to go. The¬†classic chic is great for evening outings or a date night. The slightly loose fit makes it a comfortable choice. This look can be replicated with any maxi dress. Go for prints if you would like to have a more statement piece and remember to balance it out with minimal accessories to get that classic look.

Look 2 – City Chic

The city chic is similar to the classic. Literally, just by changing up the accessories, you have a totally different vibe with this maxi dress! The look is edgier compared to the very feminine classic chic. I wore this look with a larger Phillip Lim bag with zipper details on each side. Throw on a leather jacket and you instantly add a biker feel to this look. To complete the city chic look, I added a statement necklace in silver to complement the zipper details.

Look 3 – Trendy Chic

Last but not least, you have the¬†trendy chic! This look combines a couple of trends. Again with the same maxi dress acting as the base of this outfit, I’ve paired it with a t-shirt with frills and a corset belt. This look is very fashion forward and is great for events and special occasions. I do love this look because it’s different from the usual and it allows me to play with layering. I’ve officially joined the corset belt bandwagon. This reminds me of the chunky belts in the early 2000s before skinny belts and skinny jeans took over!


Dress: Sandro // Accessories: Chanel Earrings, Hermes Bracelet // Sunglasses: Chloe // Bag: Louis Vuitton (seen here) // Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Dress: Sandro // Jacket: Maje (as seen here, here, here & here) // Accessories: Henri Bendel Earrings, Hermes Bracelet, Asos Statement Necklace, Topshop Belt // Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim // Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Dress: Sandro // T-shirt: MNG // Accessories: Henri Bendel Earrings, Wanderlust+Co Necklaces (seen here, here & here), Hermes Bracelets, Asos Corset Belt // Sunglasses: Mira Madison // Bag: Chi Chi Von Tang // Shoes: Christian Louboutin

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