Weekend Style Tip: Blazer and Casual Jeans

Weekend Style Tip: Blazer and Casual Jeans

Hey there lovelies 🙂

Here’s a new one – I’ve decided to try a new weekly segment called Weekend Style Tip.
I mean, who doesn’t love the weekend? Friday is my favourite day of the week just because I know it’s almost the weekend! (who’s with me?)

SO, you can’t wait to hang out with your mates. Or you’ve got a pretty hot date planned out. Whatever it is, whatever the plan, it sounds crazy exciting but you’ve got the biggest #firstworldproblem just like any other female around the world.


I swear, I’ve probably heard myself or a friend blurting this sentence out a million times before heading out. What’s funny is that most of us probably have a closet full of clothes!

Having said that, I thought why not do a weekly Weekend Style Tip for you guys to gain some inspiration before the weekend. Hopefully, this will encourage you to pull out old pieces OR unworn pieces from your closet this weekend.

Previously while I was working full time, I would always be dressed in formal work attire. I used to love wearing blazers to work! Now that I’ve switched jobs, I hardly put on a blazer and it has been sitting in my closet forgotten ever since. Recently, I’ve been wearing my blazers again but with a casual twist.

So for this weekend, instead of wearing the usual bomber/denim jacket, try styling your casual jeans with a blazer.

**Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried this look. Or share your #ootd with me on Instagram ! I would love to see how you rock this look**


Top: Zara basics // Jeans: Topshop // Blazer: Zara // Accessories: Hermes Bracelet, Wanderlust+Co Earrings, Chloe Sunglasses // Shoes: Dior (also seen here)

Shop blazers below:


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